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Vans and Marvel create an exclusive collection together!

Vans and Marvel are joining forces to celebrate the legendary superheroes of the world of Marvel.  Fans will be able to relive all the action and adventure of their favourite Marvel comic characters.  The Vans x Marvel collection is made up of exclusive accessories, clothes and shoes, dedicated to Spiderman, the Hulk, Black Widow, Deadpool and many others!

Each shoe model represents a member of the Avengers team.  The toe of the Captain America model is in bright blue suede, whilst the stiffener depicts the motif on his shield.  For the Iron Man model, the tongue has been remodelled to resemble a part of the superhero’s high-tech armour.  The legendary Vans side stripe has been transformed with the addition of a leather silver wing to symbolize the all-powerful Thor.  The Old Skool model has a green sole and violet collar, which is a nod to the Incredible Hulk.  Another shoe model is devoted to the Avengers and goes with a range of t-shirts, caps and socks for men.  For women, Vans and Marvel have created a checkerboard design customised with each Avenger printed on a special collection of jumpers, t-shirts and accessories.

Deadpool’s costume inspired the special colours of Sk8-Hi. With a red leather upper, a strip of eyelets in black ballistic leather and a restyled side stripe, this very popular high shoe by Vans represents Marvel’s wisecracking mercenary.  For additional protection against possible enemies, the central part of the Sk8-Hi depicts two ninja stars, with the motif of a ninja sword on each stiffener.

Black Panther fans can continue to protect the kingdom of Wakanda by wearing the completely black Sk8-Hiélégantes.  Thanks to its suede inlays embellished with tear-proof canvas, the Sk8-Hi has taken on Black Panther’s superpowers.  The finishes also represent Black Panther’s vibranium costume, such as the side stripe in relief and the gold shoelace stoppers, in the shape of a panther’s claws. Black Panther also creeps into the short-sleeved t-shirt and Torrey Vans x Marvel jacket, which have vintage designs inspired by the original comics.

Spiderman’s superhuman powers feature in the all-over print on the Classic Slip-On, representing his acrobatic movements and spider skills.  Venom, a symbiote and sworn enemy of Spiderman, is found on a Vans x Marvel t-shirt and hooded jumper for men, sporting the vintage Vansd’inspiration logo and a Venom hidden along the sleeve.

The Vans checkerboard slip-on model reinterprets the strength of the Incredible Hulk, whose toes pop out of the end of the shoes!  Green is found in the “Off the Wall” logo of the Vans x Marvel Hulk short-sleeved t-shirt.  Miss Hulk makes her debut on the hooded jumper and the Vans x Marvel Miss Hulk short-sleeved t-shirt.

Three models of Vans x Marvel shoes are dedicated to female Marvel characters.  The Sk8-Hi celebrates Captain Marvel with a blue upper and red suede, decorated with a side stripe and gold eyelets. The black stiffener at the heel is decorated with an eight-sided star with a cut-out design. Ladies, become a spy and professional assassin like Black Widow with these discreet Classic Slip-Ons.  The Slip-On model has been updated with an elegant nylon upper and quarters in ballistic canvas for optimal protection. The Black Widow Slip-On has a sole cut at an angle and a rubber Black Widow logo.  The Marvel female characters are combined in a special range of Authentic shoes and clothes.

Children and toddlers also have Vans x Marvel shoes designed especially for them.  Catch Spiderman if you can on the Sk8-Hi Zip and try to find Baby Groot in the multicoloured checked pattern of the checkerboard Slip-Ons. The Authentic model, inspired by comics and featuring all of Marvel’s female characters, has been updated in colours for children and toddlers!  The Old Skool Avengers model is offered in a small size, with elastic laces for children and Velcro straps for toddlers. The Hulk Classic Slip-On completes the Vans x Marvel collection for children and toddlers. The Authentic Avengers model will be available in a size suitable for toddlers.

The Vans X Marvel collection is available from 8 June

About Vans 
Vans®, a brand belonging to VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC), is the leading brand for shoes, clothes and accessories dedicated to extreme sports.  Vans authentic collections are sold worldwide in 84 countries by means of a network of subsidiaries, distributors and branches abroad.  Vans also owns and manages almost 600 stores throughout the world.  Vans promotes extreme sports and the associated lifestyle, youth culture and creative self-expression by supporting athletes, musicians and artists, by organising trailblazing events such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, Vans Pool Party, Vans Custom Culture, Vans Warped Tour and, through House of Vans, the international Vans cultural centre.