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French manufacturing

A return to the roots. In its very beginning, Opal manufactured its eyewear in France. Today, aware of the current social and environmental challenges, Opal’s teams are proud to launch a new license, Berenice, manufactured in the historic home of the eyewear industry, the Jura region. Made between Oyonnax and Morbiers, Berenice frames are the result of the meticulous work of women and men who have been working in the eyewear industry for decades and decades. A real guarantee of quality. But with the same commitment as Opal: to make the eyewear accessible to everyone.

Beyond the product, for Opal, French manufacturing also represents a support to French companies and above all the maintenance of a national know-how, a know-how that is based on the transmission of a gesture, from generation to generation. French manufacturing is also about gradually reducing our carbon footprint.
The Berenice collection proudly displays a move up the range of Opal’s product range, but it is also a strong long-term commitment to society and the environment.

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The brand

Created in 2004 by Frédéric Krief, the Berenice brand is known for its angel wings, which have become the brand’s symbol. The ready-to-wear collection draws its inspiration from a mix of wild landscapes and current fashion codes. The outfits are both urban and feminine, with a touch of rock and elegance. Known for its quality, the Berenice brand is a perfect blend of timeless clothing, haute-couture pieces, a working girls’ wardrobe but also comfortable and casual basics. The brand is also appreciated for its illustrations (texts or original prints), its drawings freely inspired by nature and wild animals, not to mention its famous wings that finish off the outfits with seasonal colours.

The DNA from the eyeglass collection

The entire Berenice eyewear collection is illustrated by the work of the wings and the reminiscence of the lurex, two strong and emblematic elements of the brand. The link with the frame is naturally made by a refined work on the wings of the nose of each pair of glasses. The plates of all models are thus glittered inside the frame, in a delicate and discreet way. The lurex dresses several key models like an eyeliner line.

Great care is taken with the markings, from the engraved presentation glass to the inside of the branches with the Berenice logo and the mention “Fabrication Française” hot stamped in gold and silver.

A collection at the crossroads between bohemian chic and rock’n roll for bright women… without false pretenses.